bolt print design 是一個微型網路商店,販售印刷相關設計小物,bolt(螺栓、插銷、栓)在每件物品上都是扮演重要的角色,少了它此物品將不完整,希望設計出的商品可以像bolt一樣僅僅貼近顧客的心。 bolt 將小寫 b 與 o 做連結,像是一個透視的栓,也在 b 與 o 中間搭起了橋樑,設計與客戶之間最重要的即是「溝通橋樑」。在標誌輔助圖形中呈現七種不同透視的圖形,亦可將長短做不同變化,排列組合後像是「摩斯電碼」般,時通時斷的訊號,成為他們與顧客「溝通」代碼。

Bolt print design is a micro website store, selling printing related products,bolt plays an important role in every items, products will be incomplete if without it, so this company hope their design can be close to customer's mind as bolt. Bolt links lowercase b and o, building a bridge between b and o, the most important thing between design and customer is "communication bridge". Showing seven kinds of clairvoyant graphs in auxiliary graphs , or changing the length then assembling , like a Morse code, a signal sometimes connected while sometimes disconnected, becoming the communication code between customer and them.
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